Specialty Hauling Services

Specialty hauling refers to the transportation of goods or materials that require specialized handling, equipment, or expertise due to their unique characteristics, size, weight, or other factors. This type of hauling often involves transporting items that cannot be accommodated by standard transportation methods and may require specialized vehicles, equipment, or logistical considerations.



Specialty hauling involves transporting goods or materials that require specialized handling due to their unique characteristics, size, weight, or other factors. Some examples of items that might be hauled via specialty hauling include:

Oversized or over-dimensional loads: Items like industrial equipment, machinery, or construction materials that exceed standard size or weight limits.

Heavy machinery: Large equipment used in construction, mining, or manufacturing, such as excavators, cranes, or turbines.

Specialized vehicles: Transporting vehicles requiring special handling or equipment, such as race cars, military vehicles, or vintage automobiles.

Sensitive or delicate equipment: Items requiring careful handling and protection, such as medical equipment, scientific instruments, or high-tech electronics.

Hazardous materials: Transporting materials posing risks to health, safety, or the environment, such as flammable liquids, corrosive chemicals, or radioactive materials.

Perishable goods: Items with limited shelf life or temperature-sensitive requirements, such as fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, or floral arrangements.

High-value cargo: Transporting items with significant financial value, such as artwork, jewelry, or rare collectibles.

Livestock or animals: Transporting live animals, such as horses, cattle, or exotic pets.

Specialized construction materials: Transporting materials used in unique construction projects, such as prefabricated components or architectural elements.

Renewable energy components: Transporting components for renewable energy projects, such as wind turbine blades, solar panels, or hydroelectric equipment.

Specialty Hauling Services

Best Specialty Haulers in Chicago

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Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering top-notch service, ensuring that your cargo arrives on time and in perfect condition. With our extensive fleet of trucks and trailers, including specialized equipment for oversized loads, you can rely on us to handle even the most demanding hauling projects with efficiency and expertise.

In addition to our nationwide specialty hauling services, we also offer local delivery and junk removal solutions for businesses in the Chicago area. Whether you need to transport goods across the country or clear out debris from your job site, Smith Specialized Heavy Hauling Inc is your trusted partner.

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